Outside The Box: Proving it's what's on the inside (of the box) that matters!

Outside The Box

We really love what we do. We also love... Stitch Fix. Because as busy moms it's never usually about us, and it's always fun to get a box, in the mail, with our name ON it and cute things IN IT that make you feel special and adorable! That being said, we also love it when another mama comes up with a great idea that while similar to other "box in the mail" companies, is entirely different. And entirely AMAZING!

We are all about promoting other companies that share our ideals and want to make the world a better place, so we encourage you to check out Elizabeth at Cheeky Days (Outside The Box) to see how you could get your kids on the box train while teaching them important lessons like giving back to the community and KINDNESS!

Go check her out now <3 Happiest Saturday from your girls at MST!

xxx C&C


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