Never underestimate ❤️

Please feel free to print at display at home, at work, in your classroom and beyond! We cannot express how deeply we agree with this message and want to spread these words to live by!
As always, right click, save as, print, enjoy, and never underestimate the power you have to change a life, or the world ❤️
xoxo C&C


  • Hi! Thank YOU for sharing this powerful & sweet thought. I was excited to share in Facebook especially after seeing the movie Hidden Figures with my kids yesterday. I can’t seem to figure a way to download a printable. I copied & pasted into word but would be very grateful if you would email me a PDF so I can print larger to frame. Warmly, Tina

  • This is not a quote from MLK. It is from the self help writer Leo Buscaglia.


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