Jena's Love Story

My grandparents, like most, were amazing, loving, caring, thoughtful and always welcomed us with open arms.  About 10 years ago my grandma developed dementia, she knew it and would write notes on all sorts of things, where something came from, who she received it from, who she wanted to have it, those type of notes.  My grandpa cared for her in home for as long as he could until it got too hard.  Her dementia grew into full Alzheimer's and her quality of life deteriorated.  My grandpa put her in a nursing home less than a mile from their house.  He visited her every day at 1pm and took communion with her on Sundays. He rarely missed a visit with her.  It was hard. My grandma was such a loving, vivacious women so to see her lose herself was heartbreaking.  My grandpa was fairly healthy.  He had had prostrate cancer, but got it checked like clockwork and besides the pitfalls of being almost 90, lived a good life.  Him and my grandma had been very active in their late age: traveling, boating, even water skiing, kept them young!  Sadly 2 1/2 years ago my grandpas prostate cancer came back with a vengeance, quickly spread to his bones and organs without little warning.  We were told there was nothing more they could do and he wanted to go home, the home he had lived in for 60 years.  We brought my grandma over from the nursing home, she could no longer speak, only mumbled and babbled and some days didn't even acknowledge you were there.  Bringing her there as tough as it was, you could tell she knew she was home.  She was alert and awake and we sat her wheelchair next to my grandpas hospice bed.  He too was in and out, barely knowing anyone was around....but I know he knew she was there.  That evening after returning my grandma to the nursing home we received a call in the middle of the night, assuming it was my mom telling me grandpa passed, she broke the grandma had in fact passed away in her sleep.  My grandpa passed away less than 12 hours later.  

I struggled with the fact of my grandpa dying before my grandma, I felt like they would both be alone.  I now believe with 100% certainty that they both also knew this and they were in it together, just like they had always been.  They knew exactly what was happening and new it was their love story.  They were married for 67 years. The love and commitment they portrayed will always be remembered.  


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  • I’m so sorry you’ve suffered the loss of both of your beloved grandparents. They both slipped away, one right after the other, out the door to whatever’s beyond. It sounds like that’s the way they’d have wanted it to happen – and maybe it was by design, not happenstance. (Actually, I’m pretty sure it was.) Thank you for your poignant, wonderful story.


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