The Kindness Boomerang

We invite you to accept "The Kindness Boomerang" Challenge.

Every small act of kindness can make a BIG difference. If we want more kindness in the world, we need to put it there! So let's get started! Every package from us will contain a Kindness Boomerang challenge! If you receive a challenge please perform the act with the rules below! NOTE: These challenges are just to keep the boomerang going. ANYONE and EVERYONE can complete The Kindness Boomerang Challenge with ANY act of kindness ANYTIME! 


If you feel that you are unable to accomplish your challenge, please donate to a charity of your choice and tell us about it! 
Need ideas? We'll we've got your covered! Just click on the link below!
The Kindness Boomerang Ideas
We believe in you! Thank you for believing in us!
xoxo C&C