Imagine that there is a video camera on your shoulder, filming everything you do and everything you say. Would you pause... and maybe do things a little bit differently? Would you perhaps hold back? Bite your tongue? Change your tone? Your attitude? We have a feeling that people would be a little bit more thoughtful, a little bit less judgmental, and a lot kinder to everyone. We want to reach kids/teens/adults and let them know that we really CAN make a difference in our world today. All we have to do is THINK.
Since we launched our "Let's Redefine Normal" campaign, we have been in awe and overwhelmed by the positive feedback, reinforcing that what we are doing is worth it. We are so passionate about making real changes in the world that we decided to piggy back off of our "normal" campaign with a mini campaign. We took photos of four beautiful teenage girls who we hope can help inspire others to jump on the KIND-wagon, and wrote a little story that we turned into an iMovie. 
Our hope is that people will accept our challenge to THINK before they do or say anything and ask themselves: Is what I am saying or doing True? Helpful? Inspiring? Necessary? Kind?
As parents, we MUST set a better example for our children, because their minds need shaping and we are their first teachers. They are never too young, and it is never too late for them to learn that in a world where hate, judgement, discrimination and negativity is prevalent, change is NEEDED! Negativity hides fear. POSITIVITY reveals LOVE. And love... always wins <3
Please visit Pacer's National Bullying Prevention Center for more information on bullying prevention, how to talk to your children about bullying and how to stand up against bullying!

The T.H.I.N.K. Dare on YouTube

Click here to download The T.H.I.N.K. Dare as seen below!


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