The Kindness Key

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We are SO proud to offer you the box of all boxes. It's a box jam packed with special
ingredients to enable you to be the KINDEST version of YOU that you can be.
It is a a plethora of amazingness including:
-An exclusive "Kind (over) Matter tee
-An exclusive "Kindness Thinker Coffee Drinker" mug
-"Always Choose Kind" banner
-"The Glass is Refillable" print
-Infinity bracelet representing that if you want more kindness in the world, you must put it there
-"The Kindness Key" book written by us to help you find KIND in 21 days!
-A gratitude jar with a notepad to fill it
-A hand stamped key for you to keep on you as a symbol of your desire to choose kind
-& last but not least, a letter from us just for you
... ALL hand designed by US brought to life (with the help of some other amazing smalls shops!). But it is so much more than any of those "things". THIS IS US. This is our brand. This is our sweat and tears and love and fear and hope and faith, all wrapped lovingly inside a cardboard box.
Kindly allow 2-3wks to receive your box!